American Council of Spotted Asses

    Welcome to the American Council of Spotted Asses new website. We wanted to make our website easier to navigate, more informative, more interactive and easier to maintain.  At the same time we wanted our website to be clean yet attractive and more modern looking than our old website.  Doing all of this plus keeping the cost to a minimum has been a challenge.
    This is the beginning of what will be our website for many years to come.  It is not entirely completed, and may never be in a completed state.  Let's just call it a work in progress.  There will be added pages coming in the near future, and the look may get updated from time to time.  Hopefully our members, as well as non-members, will become frequent visitors to our new website, and our organization will grow stronger as a result.
    We are always open to suggestion on how to improve our services to all of our Spotted Ass friends, so feel free to look around and tell us how we are doing.  Our biggest change is that we now have a community forum where we can all exchange ideas, get answers to questions and help other with their questions, but it all relies on everyone getting involved.  Don't be shy, but be careful - it could become addictive.

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Getting Started

You do not need to login in order to use this website, but keep in mind that some pages and features will not be available.  At this time you can log into the website without being a member of the American Council of Spotted Asses, however the American Council of Spotted Asses reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

If you want to “Register” with this website by creating a user account, this does not necessarily mean you are a member of the American Council of Spotted Asses.  There are options in the user profile page that link to a services page, on that page there are options to become a member of the American Council of Spotted Asses.

Mission Statement

The American Council of Spotted Asses (ACOSA)  mission is the promotion and preservation of the Spotted Ass (donkey/burro) and the Spotted Half-Ass (mule/hinny/hybrid).  ACOSA fulfills its mission by continuously maintaining a registry, periodic on-line and written education, and annually sponsoring at least one national, public event.  ACOSA has been continuously incorporated from its original filing in Montana on August 7, 1969, with a transfer to Missouri on 11/4/1991.  ACOSA shall at all times be operated and conducted as a nonprofit corporation in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri.  

ACOSA's slogan is "put color in your life", it official website is and its email is