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No more membership fees

We are making some changes to The American Council of Spotted Asses (ACOSA) organization and also to our Facebook Group page. We will no longer be requiring you to be an ACOSA member in order to register a spotted ass with our registry. To offset the monetary losses from the lack of membership fees, we are going to increase the cost of registering a spotted ass.Effective immediately, all registrations will be $25 per animal getting registered. All registration transfers will be $15.If you have paid for a 2022 membership we will issue a refund.This change will by no means lessen the value of owning a registered spotted ass with ACOSA. Membership fees helped with the cost of publishing the Spotlight,...

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2019 Diamonds and Donkeys Show Results

I am attempting to create a place where we can list show results.  I would like to add photos but that is a little more challenging than anticipated.  I am using a well known website builder thingy, but they want to focus on products and such.  I would like to just have a simple photo gallery theme, so that will take a little time.  But until then, this is what we get.  OH, If you have any show results you would like to see, just email them to me and I'll do what I can to get them on our website.

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