To qualify for registration in ACOSA, your Ass, Mule, or Hinny must have at least two spots, visible on a photograph, above the legs and behind the throatlatch.  Each application must include two pictures, one of each side (although two pictures of each side are preferred).  The cost is $25 per animal you want to register. 

The American Council of Spotted Asses is an open registry.  This means that you don't need the full pedigree to register your spotted ass but we would like the pedigree history going back 2 generations if you have it.

You can now fill out our registration form online, upload your 2 photos and pay for the registrations - all in one easy to fill out form above.

If you prefer to mail in your registration request, here is a link to download the registration form. Fill in the form as much as possible  and send it to the address on the form, include 2 photos, one of each side, and a check for $25 to the address on the form.  Remember, you will no longer be required join the American Council of Spotted Asses in order to register a spotted ass..

NEW!!!  Register your Spotted Ass online     Online Registration Form
Registration Form in PDF format
Registration form for use with USPS mail.


If you have any questions please email us -