Diamonds and Donkeys Show Results

Congratulations to all who participated.

 Show Dates Location
Daimonds and Donkeys June 29-30 2019 Magnolia, AR

ACOSA Champion Jennet
  Legendarys Play Misty 4 Me

ACOSA Reserve Champion Jennet
  Rolling D Mercedes

ACOSA Champion Gelding
  ASSphalt Acres Oreo Blizzard

ACOSA Reserve Champion Gelding
  ASSphalt Acres Victor

ACOSA Champion Jack
  AssN9 Grand Poobah

ACOSA Reserve Champion Jack
  AssN9 Storm Chaser

ACOSA Standard/Mammoth Champion
  CbarChass Dick

ACOSA Best of Breed
Legendarys Play Misty 4 Me


ACOSA Miniature Jennets:

  1. Legendarys Play Misty 4 Me - First
  2. Rolling D Mercedes - Second
  3. ASSphalt Acres Dippin Dots - Third
  4. Legendarys Southern Diva - Fourth
  5. AssN9 Rowdys Recklass Legacy - Fifth

ACOSA Miniature Geldings:

  1. ASSphalt Acres Oreo Blizzard - First
  2. ASSphalt Acrws Victor - Second
  3. Donkey Ridge Farm Hocus Pocus - Third
  4. Burton Farms Hansel - Fourth
  5. Farmsteads Banjo - Fifth

ACOSA Miniature Jacks:

  1. AssN9 Grand Poobah - First
  2. AssN9 Storm Chaser - Second
  3. CbarChass Chloes Litl Joe - Third

ACOSA Standard/Mammoth:

  1. CbarChass Dick - First Place / Champion
  2. ACOSA Best of Breed: Legendarys Play Misty 4 Me